Tenant information form

Posted by: Sandip More

After recent unfortunate incidents in Pune, it has become mandatory for house owners to submit tenant information.

It is not very clear as to what action the police take, if someone does not submit this information but looking at the incidents, primarily the Mumbai terror attacks, it becomes a responsibility on our part and a compulsory safety measure for the Police. They must have proper information of tenants.

It is true that this procedure is tedious for ordinary common people and they should computerize it soon.

There is a form that needs to be filled and submitted. The form is called Tenant Information form and is available online at this address:


  1. You need to download the form, take a printout and fill up all the required details.
  2. You need to paste your recent photograph on the form.
  3. Get 2 photocopies of the form after you have filled in all the information.
  4. You need to get a photocopy of your rent agreement
  5. Get a letter from your employer, if employed.
  6. You need to get a photocopy of an Identity proof- pan card or driving license.

All these documents have to be submitted to the nearest police station and get them signed by the Inspector in charge. The officer also has to stamp the 2 copies of the form.

Now one of these two stamped forms has to be given to the house owner and the other has to be kept with you for further reference.

This is the procedure followed in pune.

If you are reading this article and you are not from pune, please let us know the procedure followed in your city to keep record of tenants/owners.

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