No objection certificate for vehicle transfer

Posted by: Sandip More

Here we go with first article on RightProcedure.

Some three years back, I moved from Hyderabad to Mumbai. I was well settled in Hyderabad so I bought a bike there.
Under some uncertain situation I permanently transferred to Mumbai office,  so I took my bike with me
to Mumbai and in few months I moved to Pune since I changed my job. As these were pretty quick moves, I didn’t get a chance to get NOC for the bike before moving out of Hyderabad.
Before moving out, though in vain, I tried to get information about getting an NOC but didn’t get useful information on the internet. The other sources misled me into believing that NOC is not required, so I was clueless and was happily riding my bike on the streets of Pune.

Until one fine day, a Traffic policeman stopped me and asked for NOC. I didnt have it and he asked me to pay road tax which was Rs.4000. Obviously I couldn’t pay that much for a small mistake (“seemingly small”) or thing which I didn’t know. However I settled the issue by paying him whatever money I had in my wallet (I guess, some 300 rupees). Since then I started the quest of knowing the process of getting NOC so that I can peacefully ride my bike in city.

I was only left with 2 options either to sell this bike in Hyd or to obtain NOC. I didnt want to sell the bike as I loved it.
My friend in Hyderabad asked one RTO agent to do this task for me but he failed to do so. There was no option but to try it myself. I went to Hyderabad with my bike and underwent the process to obtain the NOC. After lots of rounds to various police stations and RTO offices due to wrong information, I finally got the NOC.

So here is my attempt to  throw some light on the procedure to get NOC.
The procedure is as follows:

1) Get a clearance certificate from traffic police – 1 day(2-3 hrs)
– need to go to police control room, near Nampalli, Hyderabad
– police were very helpful and nice there.
– no money
2) Getting the challan from E-seva office
– need a xerox of RC book
– you should know that under which police station area, your address on RC card comes since you need to mention those details on the form to be submitted to E-seva office.
– knowing Telugu will help (knowing the local language always helps)
– Rs. 100 for Hyderabad and Rs 200 for Cyberabad

3) E-seva people will courier this request to police station next day
– to speed-up the process, you can get the form signed from Eseva officer and take it to police station yourself. (I did this)

4) Police station people will call you once they get forms from Eseva people
they will call you for verification,
– to speed-up the process, you can also go to that Police station and ask for your form, if you want to speed up process.
– dont expect much assistance here
– they might ask you for money
– knowing Telugu will help

5) In some cases,they will forward this request to ACP office for that police station
6) ACP office will forward this request to Police headquarters.
7) Finally you need to get the no objection certificate from Crime branch, Police
8) Then you need to go to RTO for getting NOC from RTA.
Documents needed
- RC book
- Insurance
- Police Clearance
- Traffic police clearance
- here it takes 2 days, if requested they will do it in a single working day.

It took me 5 working days inspite of doing everthing myself (I didn’t wait for E-seva to courier it, I myself took the signed form to the police station) , without this urgency it should take at max 2 weeks, as police verification requires atleast 1 week.

I would like to dedicate this post to some people I met during this visit, and without whose help this work would not have possible at all. I dont know their names.
But I think I wont forget them.
I will call them “few good men (and women)”, people I am mentioning are the ladies at Eseva office at Kukatpalli, then officer at Cyberabad police HQ and officer at Attapur RTA. Seeing these people do good work, my belief in good people philosophy further strengthened.  And it also redoubled my own enthusiasm to work with dedication, honesty and hardwork.

So hats of “few good men (and women)” :)

5 thoughts on “No objection certificate for vehicle transfer

  1. Hi Prasad, I think process may vary across the cities. In hyderabad bike is not required.
    In my case, In the whole process, only verification officer in police station, asked if I got the bike with me, on saying yes, he didnt ask anything or even didnt verify bike, I think He was just probing for some bribe. btw I explicitly asked RTO officer who handed me NOC, if he need to see the bike, he said no, I sent my bike to pune before getting NOC. In your case, you can just ask some of friends in banglore to inquire at RTO office where your bike is registered. Could you let us know how this thing works in banglore, if you try to get noc, so we can publish it here to help many others who are clueless abt this noc procedure?

  2. Hi can anyone help me regarding the NOC, as now i am in mumbai.

    I want NOC from Hyderabad. how to proceed ?.. thankd in advance.. and i need the form number which we have to sketch the chosis number on that form .. ?

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